About the site

As a fan of professional wrestling for over 20 years I have seen many great matches and have decided to showcase them all here on this very website. I first got into wrestling when I was introduced to Royal Rumble 1989 on VHS by my Gran and since then I have become hooked. I am a massive fan of WWF/E, NWA/WCW and other American promotions but I have watched promotions from all over the world and love them all. Wrestling means the world to me and it's for this reason that I have decided to share my passion.

Every week I will be inducting a new classic match in to Kev's Wrestling Match Hall of Fame. Over the weeks and months I will be inducting matches from as many different countries, organisations and eras as possible.

So if your interested in Old School NWA battles, Hart v Hart classics or any other great matches then check back here every week because your favourite match could be the next to be inducted into Kev's Wrestling Match Hall of Fame.

Thanks and enjoy!

I welcome all suggestions so please contact me with any ideas on kevokay1984@hotmail.co.uk

Or Come Join Me on Twitter @kevokay



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