MATCH : Mitsuharu Misawa v Toshiaki Kawada


EVENT : Budokan Hall Show

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 6th June 1997


BACKGROUND : Mitsuharu Misawa walks into this match as the current AJPW Triple Crown Champion having won the title six months prior by defeating Kenta Kobashi in a usual stellar match. His opponent today, Toshiaki Kawada, though is also a former Triple Crown winner having won the title in 1995 . These two men know each other very well having feuded for half a decade up to this point putting together some highly regarded and very athletic singles and tag team matches. Kawada and Misawa would square off once again in another bout from their long and excellent feud so enjoy....

MATCH REVIEW : This would be one of the best matches in Toshiaki Kawada's long and storied brilliant career in my opinion. The match itself is very vicious with Kawada seemingly trying to break Mitsuharu Misawa's neck by continuingly dropping him on his head. This match has some great edge of the seat moments especially the Dragon Sleeper hold in which it looked like Misawa was going to submit and that Kawada would go on the be the poster boy for Japanese wrestling. This is one of the best matches these two had with each other and definetely the most intense. Kawada would eventually go on to beatMisawa for the AJPW Triple Crown Championship but he would have to wait another year before doing so.