MATCH : Blue Panther/Eddie Guerrero/La Parka/Psicosis v El Hijo Del Santo/Jushin Liger/Octagon/Tiger Mask III


EVENT : Triplemania II-B

VENUE : Estadio Olimpico, Zapopan, Mexico

DATE : 15th May 1994

STIPULATION : 8 Man Tag Match - 2 out of 3 Falls

BACKGROUND : Triplemania is the biggest Mexican event of the year but in 1994 AAA decided to split the event over three days. This match came from the second show of the year or more commonly known as Triplemania-B. The eight man tag match was under 'Atomicos' rules which was a basic 2 out of 3 falls match and featured eight of the best luchadores of the time. The Tecnicos team featured fan favourites Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask III, El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon whilst the Rudos team had the villainous La Parka, Psicosis, Blue Panther and Eddy Guerrero. The match was set up to cover the feud between Guerrero and Del Santo who were a former tag team until Guerrero's vicious heel turn.

MATCH REVIEW : This is a great fast paced multi man match with so much action. To be honest this whole event is widely known as one of the best shows AAA or any federation has ever put on but this match in particular is a highlight. The idea to bring in Jushin Liger and Koji Kanemoto (as Tiger Mask) from New Japan Pro Wrestling was a great idea because these eight men gelled perfectly. You are left on the edge of your seat for the final fall and it's no wonder that most of these eight men went on to have wonderful careers. A truly flawless Lucha match which definitely stands the test of time.