MATCH : Art Barr/Eddie Guerrero v El Hijo Del Santo/Octagon


EVENT : When Worlds Collide

VENUE : LA Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles

DATE : 6th November 1994

STIPULATION : 2/3 Falls Hair v Mask Match

BACKGROUND : When Worlds Collide was a one off PPV presented by the Mexican Lucha Libre federation AAA but presented by WCW in USA. The deal between the two companies was struck by Executive Vice-President Eric Bischoff when he managed to secure a PPV highlighting the popular Mexican style on American TV. Eddie Guerrero & El Hijo Del Santo were a popular tag team in the early 90's until Guerrero would turn heel and beat up Del Santo to avenge the name of his father, Gory Guerrero, whom he felt was disrespected by El Hijo Jr & Snr. Eddie had started teaming with heat magnet Art Barr whilst Del Santo had now been teaming with Octagon. To make matters worse this match would be a 2/3 falls match with a stipulation that the loser would either lose his mask or his hair. So would the masked team of El Hijo Del Santo and Octagon have to go through the humiliating circumstance of unmasking on PPV or would Art Barr & Eddie Guerrero have their hair shaved off?

MATCH REVIEW : Firstly the positive, this is a great match with a terrific burst of energy throughout. If you have never watched a pro wrestling match before but manage to see this you can still recognise that these two men hate each other with a passion. The fact that the match intensity is so high makes the crowd electric and that gives off a 'big match' vibe. Credit has to go to all four of these men who got an LA crowd so invested in a match even though most of them wouldn't know the Mexican backstory to it. This match really helped promote Lucha Libre wrestling in the USA with WCW signing many of their top stars.
Now for the negative, unfortunately Art Barr was found dead just days after this match with a mixture of drugs and alcohol in his blood stream. Barr never reached the potential that he was capable of and was one of the first to die from drug related deaths in the wrestling industry. RIP Art Barr