MATCH : Akira Taue/Toshiaki Kawada v Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Budokan Hall Show

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 3rd December 1993

CHAMPIONSHIP : AJPW World Tag Team Titles

BACKGROUND : This match takes place before Misawa and Kawada had started their big feud that would go down in history as one of the best series of matches in Japanese wrestling history. Kawada and Misawa were of course successful tag team partners previously but that ship had sailed and Misawa's new partner, Kenta Kobashi, was struggling to live up to the reputation of the man he replaced. Over the last few months Kawada and Akira Taue had defeated Misawa and Kobashi in some nice matches, so would they continue their successful streak?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a nice match with some great storyline continuation between four of the best workers Japanese wrestling has ever seen. All four of these men are absolute legends in the East and matches like these are a fine example of why! Although Kobashi didn't get the initial rub from this match as he probably should have, it was nice to see him eventually get a pin on Kawada. These men would continue to feud for years later and almost every time they would put on sublime matches.