MATCH : Akira Taue/Toshiaki Kawada v Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Budokon Hall Show (June)

VENUE : Budokon Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 9th June 1995


Background : Misawa and Kobashi go into this match as AJPW Tag Team champions after winning the belts in a tag team tournament. Mitsuharu Misawa is also the current AJPW Unified Triple Crown Heavyweight champion and the main man in Japanese Puroreso. Kenta Kobashi is the rising star of of AJPW and is destined for a great future, especially under Misawa's wing. Toshiaki Kawada was Misawa's former partner and is hoping to show up his old foe and current rival. Akira Taue is a big strong former sumo wrestler who is often compared to Japanese wrestling legend Giant Baba. The Budokon Hall is the central point for all major Japanese wrestling events because of the atmosphere which is always electric. This match would prove to be no different.

MATCH REVIEW : This is a must see match for any true fan of professional wrestling. It is quite unbelievable how some of the athleticism was well ahead of its time. This is known as the best tag team match in AJPW history and I find it very difficult to argue with that statement. This match lasts almost 45 minutes with some real emotion and near falls that keep you at the edge of your seat constantly. The match itself is layed out perfectly time wise and the psychology is masterful. The selling of Kobashi's leg injury is some of the best selling you will ever see in a professsional wrestling ring and the story within the match of the injured Kobashi trying to protect his partner and friend, Misawa, is nothing short of beautiful. It is also worth noting that every man involved in this match would go on to win the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Title in the years following this match which just shows the quality of the men involved.