MATCH : Johnny Ace/Steve Williams v Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Budokon Hall Show (March)

VENUE : Budokon Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 4th March 1995


Background : 'Dr. Death' Steve Williams had been in All Japan for a few years and had won past tag team gold with fellow American Terry Gordy and was also a former AJPW Triple Crown Champion. Gordy though had recently left the company and Johnny Ace stepped up as his new partner. Ace didn't have the experience that Gordy or Williams had but was becoming a name for himself in Japan. Kobashi and Misawa go into the match as AJPW Tag champs after winning the straps in a gruelling tournament prior. Kobashi and Misawa had beaten Ace and Williams on the way to winning that tournament and this would be the perfect way for the Americans to get their revenge.

MATCH REVIEW : It is funny watching WWE Raw these days and listening to the fans in the crowd and and wrestlers call out John Laurinaitis on his past wrestling skills. Any of these fans who are chanting 'you can't wrestle' to Mr Laurinaitis (Johnny Ace) really need to watch this match. Although Ace isn't really to the same standard as Kobashi, Misawa or Williams, I do feel that in this match he had what it takes to hang with them. This is a pretty flawless tag team match with the main story revolving around Williams trying to mentor the younger and less experienced Ace through the bout. As always in mid nineties AJPW matches, Misawa and Kobashi are spot on with every move and in this match in particular is a complete stand out. A wonderfully timed classic encounter that would end up being a main highlight in John 'Ace' Laurinaitis' career.