MATCH : Kenta Kobashi v Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Budokan Hall Show (June)

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 11th June 1999


Background : These two men had been feuding in Japan for a whole decade up to this point with Misawa getting the nod in all of their single bouts. Mitsuharu Misawa v Kenta Kobashi was one of the big money matches that AJPW could promote and they knew that these men would try and steal the show every time the faced each other. Their series of matches are unrivalled in Japan and prove to make their feud one of the greatest in wrestling history. The only problem going into this match would be how they could live up to the 5 star match they had just 8 months prior but knowing these men they would be determined to make sure it is a show stealer. Misawa goes into this match with the AJPW Triple Crown wrapped around his waist having defeated Vader at the Giant Baba retirement show just weeks before this match.

MATCH REVIEW : Thankfully this lived up to the match these two men had in October 1998 with another 5 star showing. Whether this is the best of their classic series is up for debate but what it proves is that time and time again these two men could create such a great match. The match kicked off with some of the greatest chain wrestling your likely to see before they start to destroy each other with power moves. Misawa had beaten Kobashi in October with a right forearm knockout blow so it was obvious that Kobashi would concentrate on Misawa's right arm including a jumping armbreaker across the guardrail that looked very brutal. This was all and all another fine match from two men who really need to be heavily recognised as two of the best this industry has ever had.