MATCH : Kuniaki Kobayashi v Tiger Mask II


EVENT : Sumo Hall Show March 1985

VENUE : New Sumo Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 9th March 1985

BACKGROUND : Kuniaki Kobayashi had several high profile matches with the original Tiger Mask but an impressive Mitsuharu Misawa had picked up the mantle and now Kobayashi would have a run of matches with the second generation Tiger Mask. Whilst Kobayashi had been wrestling for around 12 years at this point all around the world, Misawa (Tiger Mask II) had only been wrestling professional for around four years. Would the man they called 'The Tiger Hunter' have the same success with the new younger Tiger Mask as he did with the original?...

MATCH REVIEW : This match is a wonderful way to spend fifteen minutes. A great match with lots of counters and covers that helped put over Misawa as a threat in All Japan. These two would have an exciting rematch just six months later to help settle the score which Tiger Mask II would win by pinfall. This is certainly not Misawa's greatest match but in my opinion this is his first real classic. A must watch match for any fan of Misawa or even just Japanese wrestling.