MATCH : Mitsuharu Misawa v Toshiaki Kawada


EVENT : Showdown at the Egg

VENUE : Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

DATE : 1st May 1998

CHAMPIONSHIP : AJPW Triple Crown Title


BACKGROUND : Toshiaki Kawada came into this match as the challenger to 3 time AJPW Triple Crown champion Mitsuharu Misawa. The rivalry between the two was huge dating back around five years with some excellent calibre matches. This was built as the biggest match Kawada's career with many saying he could replace Misawa as the top star in the company with a win here! So could Kawada, who had come into the match in the best physical shape of his career, plant himself in All Japan history with a historic title win?

MATCH REVIEW : So eventually Kawada would defeat Misawa after many years of trying to unseat the number one star in Japan. Unfortunately, the match wasn't as great as previous bouts they had but that was mainly due to injuries both men were carrying. For historic purposes though this was a great match and both men certainly gave it all they could! This was also quite an epic Pay Per View and possibly the greatest event to be held at the Tokyo Dome which made it even more special. Kawada's reign as champion didn't last long but he did get plenty more opportunities as Triple Crown holder over the next few years.