MATCH : Genichiro Tenryu v Keiji Mutoh


EVENT : Super Power Series 2001

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 8th June 2001

CHAMPIONSHIP : AJPW Triple Crown Title

BACKGROUND : Keiji Mutoh is better known in the west as The Great Muta and is probably the best Japanese wrestling export of all time but Muta also had a very successful career in his native Japan. In 2001 he had a massive resurgence by bringing together his BATT stable (Bad Ass Translate Trading) who would run wild throughout Japanese wrestling. The BATT would feud with AJPW Triple Crown Champion Genichiro Tenryu setting up a match between the two at Super Power Series. Tenryu himself was also a legend of Japanese wrestling and this would be a great battle. So would the oldest holder of the Triple Crown have his 9 month reign ended by the mysterious Mutoh?

MATCH REVIEW : These two men don't wrestle, they tell a perfect story that just so happens to take place in a wrestling ring. Very few men have given to wrestling what Keiji Mutoh has given over the years, his ring psychology in this match proves that! Considering both these men are well past their prime and are into the end of their careers, they put on a fantastic match. These two would feud for the best part of the year with Tenryu eventually getting the Crown back.