MATCH : Aja Kong/Bison Kimura v Bull Nakano/Grizzly Iwamoto


EVENT : Survival Shout

VENUE : Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 19th August 1990

STIPULATION : No Disqualification Match

BACKGROUND : Throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's there were two names synomonous with ladies wrestling in Japan and they were Aja Kong and Bull Nakano. These two woman were in the midst of a long drawn out feud and were gearing up for a cage match at the big WrestleMarinPiads event in a few months time. The perfect way to set up for that match was to have a No DQ tag team match! Kong along with her partner Bison Kimura (also known as the Jungle Jacks) had been long time partners whilst Nakano and Grizzly Iwamoto were relatively new to each other. These four women were sure to put on a display so brutal that would have most men quivering in their boots...

MATCH REVIEW : This is in my opinion one of the best ladies wrestling matches of all time because it shows just how brutal the fairer sex can be. Aja Kong and Bull Nakano basically destroy Kimura and Iwamoto with weapons and huge power moves to make them look like two monsters building up to the big confrontation in three months time. Although the match in general seems to be like a normal hardcore match that most US wrestling fans can relate to it differs in that firstly it is rare to see such intensity in a ladies bout and also it built the feud between Kong and Nakano to the point where you couldn't wait to see the blow off match in a cage. This match is very much worth the watch even if ladies wrestling doesn't normally interest you.