MATCH : Aja Kong v Manami Toyota


EVENT : Big Egg Wrestling Universe

VENUE : Tokyo Dome, Tokyo

DATE : 20th November 1994

BACKGROUND : The Bigg Egg Wrestling Universe was a female strong wrestling show held in Japan featuring women wrestlers from lots of different promotions all over the world. To this day the event is still highly regarded as one of the best shows to come out of Japan. Aja Kong was one of the best female wrestlers in the world at this time and was the current WWWA Champion but the title would not be defended in this first round tournament match. Toyota was a young 23 year old with a lot to prove in the sport and the match was destined to be a fine one....

MATCH REVIEW : One of the reasosn I started this website was so that wrestling fans of all ages could view and read about matches, wrestlers or promotions that they had never seen or heard about before. I find that women's wrestling in general can still be regarded as obscure to many, especially younger fans who have grown up watching the WWE Divas. A lot of wrestling fans may not have watched Aja Kong matches till now and may not have known how much she gave to the business. This match is so highly rated that it is often regarded as the best 'Joshi Puroresu' match of all time. This match showcases amazing athleticism, intensity and a great storyline with the heroic Toyota battling for her life against the bullyish powerhouse heel, Aja Kong. These two continued to have great matches in Japan and even traded the WWWA Championship in 1995 but none of their future matches could come close to this classic encounter.