MATCH : Akira Hokuto v Manami Toyota


EVENT : Destiny 1995

VENUE : Tokyo, Japan

DATE : 2nd September 1995

BACKGROUND : At this point of her career, Manami Toyota was being compared to some of the best male wrestlers in Japan due to the calibre of some of her matches with the likes of Kyoko Inoue and Aja Kong. Toyota was not currently the WWWA champion but many considered her to be the best in her era especially after her win at the AJW Grand Prix tournament. Akira Hokuto was another legend of her generation who had over the years also put on matches that were held in high regard. This would be Hokuto's last match in AJW for a while as she was going to try breaking the American market at WCW. So could these two create a great match that would send Hokuto on her way in style?!

MATCH REVIEW : This was an all time great Joshi match between two. Fantastic woman who gave it their all from start to finish. The match had great ring psychology, unbelievable spots and a real fast pace. All the dangerous spots were hit flawlessly and that is a testament to both these girls who gave it their all to entertain and put on a show that had the crowd on their feet throughout! This was a great time for women's wrestling in Japan and this match proves it!!!