MATCH : Aja Kong v Manami Toyota


EVENT : Queendom 3

VENUE : Yokohama, Kanagawa

DATE : 26th March 1995


BACKGROUND : The indestructible Aja Kong was in the middle of a two and a half year title reign as WWWA World Champion and was dominating the biggest female wrestling promotion in the world at this time. Manami Toyota had previously gone up against Kong at the Big Egg Universe Show in 1994 in what I described in a previous induction as possibly the best female singles match of all time. The Queendom 3 PPV was a big show in Japan and once again showcased female wrestling as a big deal in the country. So could Toyota upset the odds and defeat the champion on this occasion and more importantly could they improve on their previous bout?

MATCH REVIEW : Firstly, I have to state that this match was not as good as the bout they had at the Big Egg Universe Show but that does not make it a poor bout. Whilst the original match in 1994 was very much a back and forth battle this match was heavily dominated by Aja Kong. Kong's offense was pitch perfect and totally brutal which allowed Toyota no chance to gain any advantage in the match until the final minutes when Toyota scored the pinfall to win her first WWWA World Title. This highlighted Toyota's heart and showcased the young lady as a tough competitor that can take extreme punishment but also made Kong look like an absolute monster that could dominate any female in the world. A good match with a great story that is more than worth a watch.