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Michinoku Pro - 3rd Anniversary - 10 Man Tag Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, April 30, 2012, In : Michinoku Pro Wrestling 

MATCH : El Gran Hamada/Gran Naniwa/Masato Yakushiji/Super Delfin/Tiger Mask IV v Kaientai DX

PROMOTION : Michinoku Pro Wrestling

EVENT : Michinoku Pro's Third Anniversary

VENUE : Tokyo, Japan

DATE : 10th October 1996

STIPULATION : 10 Man Tag Team Match

Background : Michinoku Pro Wrestling was a relatively new promotion having only been around for under three years. Michinoku Pro was very different from the other promotions in Japan as it was the first to be based outside of the capita...

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WCW - Chris Benoit v Dean Malenko - Hog Wild 1996

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, April 23, 2012, In : NWA/WCW 

MATCH : Chris Benoit v Dean Malenko


EVENT : Hog Wild

VENUE : Sturgis, South Dakota

DATE : 10th August 1996

Background : Both Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit had only been in WCW for around 8 months at this point. WCW were recruiting wrestlers from all over the world in order to build a strong mid-card in the federation with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Jushin Liger and the two men showcased here as great examples. Chris Benoit had been travelling with the ...

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NOAH - KENTA/Ishimori v Ibushi/Marufuji - Summer Navigation 2007

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, April 16, 2012, In : NOAH 

MATCH : KENTA/Taiji Ishimori v Kota Ibushi/Naomichi Marufuji


EVENT : Summer Navigation Day 12

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 15th July 2007

Background : This was the deciding match of the Nippon TV Cup which was a Tag Team League for the Junior Heavyweight division in Pro Wrestling NOAH. Ibushi and Marufuji had been very impressive as a team throughout the tournament which involved six teams altogether from Japan and America. Ibushi was at the receiving a lot of pr...

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WWF - No Mercy 99 - Christian/Edge v Hardy Boyz - Ladder Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, April 9, 2012, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Christian/Edge v The Hardy Boyz


EVENT : No Mercy 1999

VENUE : Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

DATE : 17th October 1999

STIPULATION : Ladder Match

Background : This was the fifth of a best of 5 series of matches between Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz and with both teams at two wins each then a ladder match would be a good way to determine the winner. The team that does win the aptly named 'Terri Invitational' would gain the services of Terri Runnels as manage...

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