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NWA - StarrCade 1983 - Harley Race v Ric Flair

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, In : NWA/WCW 

MATCH : Harley Race v Ric Flair


EVENT : IYH : StarrCade 1983 : A Flair for the Gold

VENUE : Greensboro, North Carolina

DATE : 24th November 1983

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Steel Cage Match

BACKGROUND : StarrCade 1983 was the very first StarrCade and was wisely headlined by one of the best feuds of the 1980's between Ric Flair and Harley Race. Flair had lost the NWA World Heavyweight Title to Race around six months prior and was determined...

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WWF - IYH 7 - Diesel v Shawn Michaels - WWF World Title

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, November 18, 2013, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Diesel v Shawn Michael


EVENT : IYH : Good Friends, Better Enemies

VENUE : Omaha, Nebraska

DATE : 28th April 1996


STIPULATION : No Holds Barred


BACKGROUND : Good Friends, Better Enemies was the seventh In Your House Event from WWF. The main event saw WWF Champion Shawn Michaels take on his former buddy/bodyguard Diesel in a rematch from the Wrestlemania 11 main event a year prior. This would be Michael's' first defence of the title since he beat...

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WWE - Unforgiven 2006 - Edge v John Cena TLC Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, November 11, 2013, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Edge v John Cena


EVENT : Unforgiven 2006

VENUE : Toronto, Canada

DATE : 17th September 2006




BACKGROUND : These two men had been feuding over the WWE Title for quite a while and although Edge was walking in as champion both men had been evenly matched each having held the strap on two occasions. The match was built around the fact that Cena had the deck stacked against him with the event being held in Edge's hometown of T...

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WWE - No Way Out 2009 -Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Big Show v Edge v Jeff Hardy v Triple H v The Undertaker v Vladmir Kozlov


EVENT : No Way Out 2009

VENUE : Seattle, Washington

DATE : 15th February 2009


BACKGROUND : Edge came into this match as WWE World Title after defeating long time rival Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble when Matt Hardy turned on his own brother. This would (quite unfairly) be Jeff's rematch opportunity involving another four men. Vladimir Kozlov was so far unbea...

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