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AJPW - Budokan Hall Dec 93 - Taue/Kawada v Kobashi/Misawa

Posted by Kevin Kay on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, In : AJPW 

MATCH : Akira Taue/Toshiaki Kawada v Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Budokan Hall Show

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 3rd December 1993

CHAMPIONSHIP : AJPW World Tag Team Titles

BACKGROUND : This match takes place before Misawa and Kawada had started their big feud that would go down in history as one of the best series of matches in Japanese wrestling history. Kawada and Misawa were of course successful tag team partners previously but that ship had sailed...

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WWF - Wrestlemania 7 - Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior

Posted by Kevin Kay on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Randy Savage v Ultimate Warrior


EVENT : Wrestlemania 7

VENUE : LA Sports Arena, LA, California

DATE : 24th March 1991

STIPULATION : Career vs. Career Match

This match was posted as a tribute to The Ultimate Warrior who passed away on 8th April 2014. The Warrior was one of the most charismatic and colourful wrestlers of all time and one of the reasons that I fell in love with wrestling in the first place. The first tape I ever watched was Royal Rumble 1989 where h...

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WCW - Superbrawl 2 - Brian Pillman v Jushin Liger

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, In : NWA/WCW 

MATCH : Brian Pillman v Jushin Liger


EVENT : Superbrawl 2

VENUE : Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DATE : 29th February 1992

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW Light Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : The WCW Light Heavyweight Title was brought into WCW at the end of 1991 and at this point only Flyin' Brian Pillman and Jushin 'Thunder' Liger had held the title. This was another match between the two Cruiserweights that were having matches that hadn't necessarily been showcased in America much up to t...

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NWA - Wrestle War 1991 - WarGames Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, In : NWA/WCW 

MATCH : Barry Windham/Larry Zbysko/Ric Flair/Sid v Brian Pillman/Steiner Brothers/Sting


EVENT : WrestleWar 91

VENUE : Phoenix, Arizona

DATE : 24th February 1991

STIPULATION : War Games Match

BACKGROUND : Ric Flair had been feuding with Sting for quite a while going into this match so it made sense for these two men to lead teams into the WarGames match. Ric Flair called upon his reliable Four Horsemen stable but unfortunately an injury to Arn Anderson meant he had to b...

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