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WWF - King of the Ring 1993 - Bret Hart v Mr Perfect

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, In : WWF/E Matches 

MATCH : Bret Hart v Mr Perfect


EVENT :King of the Ring 1993

VENUE : Dayton, Ohio

DATE : 13th June 1993


BACKGROUND : The WWF had held several King of the Ring tournaments over the years but this was the first time the tournament was showcased on Pay Per View. In the opening match of the PPV Bret Hart kicked off the eight man tournament by defeating Razor Ramon in a good match and Mr Perfect followed it with a pretty lame DQ win against Mr Hughes. This set up a semi final between tw...

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ECW - Hostile City Showdown 95 - Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, In : ECW 

MATCH : Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero


EVENT :Hostile City Showdown

VENUE : Philadelphia, Penns

DATE : 15th April 1995



BACKGROUND : Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero had both wrestled all over the world in Japan and Mexico especially but both men were relatively unknown to the U.S. audience. These are two guys who had grown up in the wrestling industry in wrestling families and know the business inside out at a relatively young age. Could these two young le...

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NWA - Crockett Cup 1987 - Rhodes/Koloff v Luger/Blanchard

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, In : NWA/WCW 

MATCH : Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff v Lex Luger/Tully Blanchard


EVENT :Crockett Cup 1987

VENUE : Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

DATE : 11th April 1987


BACKGROUND : In the mid to late 80's the NWA would hold a tag team tournament they called the Crockett Cup. The winners of the tournament would share a $1 million prize so it was built as a big deal. In 1987 the final came down to Lex Luger and Tully Blanchard against the team of Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff. Luger and Blanch...

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