MATCH : Billy Robinson/Red Bastien v Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens


EVENT :All Star Wrestling

VENUE : Minneapolis, Minnesota

DATE : December 1972


STIPULATION : 2 out of 3 Falls Match


BACKGROUND : This match is a 2 out of 3 falls match for the AWA Tag Team Championship held at the time by Nick Bockwinkel and 'The Crippler' Ray Stevens. This legendary tag team hadn't been together long but seemed to gel quickly. So could the tag team veteran Stevens and his relatively young protege Bockwinkel defeat the team of Red Bastien and Billy Robinson? Bastien had only recently lost the tag titles with his partner Crusher Lisowski and was determined to get them back with his new partner Billy Robinson. Robinson was one of Britain's finest wrestling exports and he was eager to get his hands on some U.S. Championships.



MATCH REVIEW : This is a good crisp tag team match that was won in two straight falls. The match was very good and delivered at a high tempo throughout which was the AWA style in the 1970's and it worked. The ending spoilt it a little as Wally Karbo announces that the match wasn't for the titles after all meaning they never changed hands! Other than that though a nice match from the 1970's which isn't something you will see regularly on this website.