MATCH : Curt Hennig v Nick Bockwinkel


EVENT : Championship Wrestling

VENUE : Las Vegas, Nevada

DATE : 15th November 1986


Background : This match had a simple but interesting background story to it. Nick Bockwinkel was in his seventh reign as AWA World Champion and had been the corner stone of the AWA promotion for many years now. Whilst Curt Hennig was a young talented up and comer with a great future ahead of him. Hennig had only been in the business around five years but had learnt a lot in a short period of time from his father Larry 'The Axe' Hennig. Curt had recently just split up from his tag team partner Scott Hall whom he had held tag team title gold with. The match was built around Bockwinkel at the tail end of his career taking on Hennig at the start of his career. Could youth match up to vast experience?

MATCH REVIEW : This match was just textbook wrestling from start to finish. Bockwinkel managed to use his experience to begin the match with his sneak tactics but as the bout goes on the youth of Curt Hennig shines through as he shows that he has the stamina to be a world class wrestler.This match truely helped Hennig grow into a main event star and helped him step out of his father's shadow. The rumours were floating around at the time that Hennig was being closely watched by the WWF who were wanting to add their already impressive roster at the promotion. The commentator Rod Trongard describes this match perfectly when he shouts the line "These men have not given everything that they have to give but there is to give to the sport of professional wrestling". A great match with some beautiful highlights including a very bloodied Hennig trying to wrap the figure four leg lock on Bockwinkel in the dying minutes of this 60 minute draw.