MATCH : Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle


EVENT : Smackdown 18/09/03

VENUE : Raleigh, North Carolina

DATE : 18th September 2003


STIPULATION : Iron Man Match

BACKGROUND : Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle had been involved in a feud on and off for the best part of nine months going into this match and had hot-potatoed the WWE World Title between each other a few times. The highlight of their feud had been the great headline match at Wrestlemania 19 but as Lesnar was now acting as Mr. McMahon's hired gun he seemed to have an added ruthlessness to him. Sixty minute Iron man matches were very rare in the WWE, in fact this would only be the third in the companies history and the first to be aired on free television. So in sixty minutes would Angle retain his WWE World Title or would their be a repeat of Wrestlemania with Lesnar walking out the new champ?

MATCH REVIEW : In my opinion (and this is my website lol) this is the best match to be aired on Smackdown since its introduction in 1999. Unfortunately, the iron man concept doesn't really fit well on a TV programme with adverts but it is still a very enjoyable match with a great storyline. The pacing of a match like this is very important and both men manage to let the bout go through stages to give it a fresh feel every 15 minutes. Smackdown during this time was pretty phenomenal and matches like this underlined that with talent like Edge, Benoit, Rey Mysterio etc also in the back keeping an eye on proceedings. If you buy the Brock Lesnar DVD this match is included in full length so that is worth a recommendation also.