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AAA - Triplemania 2-B - 8 Man Atomicos Rules Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, In : AAA 

MATCH : Blue Panther/Eddie Guerrero/La Parka/Psicosis v El Hijo Del Santo/Jushin Liger/Octagon/Tiger Mask III


EVENT : Triplemania II-B

VENUE : Estadio Olimpico, Zapopan, Mexico

DATE : 15th May 1994

STIPULATION : 8 Man Tag Match - 2 out of 3 Falls

BACKGROUND : Triplemania is the biggest Mexican event of the year but in 1994 AAA decided to split the event over three days. This match came from the second show of the year or more commonly known as Triplemania-B. The eight ...

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AAA - When Worlds Collide - Art Barr/Eddie Guerrero v El Hijo Del Santo/Octagon - 2/3 Falls Hair v Mask Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Monday, February 4, 2013, In : AAA 

MATCH : Art Barr/Eddie Guerrero v El Hijo Del Santo/Octagon


EVENT : When Worlds Collide

VENUE : LA Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles

DATE : 6th November 1994

STIPULATION : 2/3 Falls Hair v Mask Match

BACKGROUND : When Worlds Collide was a one off PPV presented by the Mexican Lucha Libre federation AAA but presented by WCW in USA. The deal between the two companies was struck by Executive Vice-President Eric Bischoff when he managed to secure a PPV highlighting the pop...

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