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ECW - Heatwave 94 - Funk Bros v Public Enemy

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, In : ECW 

MATCH : The Funk Brothers v Public Enemy


EVENT : Heatwave 1994

VENUE : ECW Arena, Philadelphia PA

DATE : 16th July 1994


STIPULATION : Barbed Wire Ring Match

BACKGROUND : Heatwave 1994 was still quite early on in the rise of ECW and the main event featured ECW Tag Team Champions Public Enemy taking on legendary Texan brothers Terry and Dory Funk. Public Enemy had held the tag titles for about four months having defeated Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan o...

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ECW - Hostile City Showdown 95 - Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, In : ECW 

MATCH : Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero


EVENT :Hostile City Showdown

VENUE : Philadelphia, Penns

DATE : 15th April 1995



BACKGROUND : Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero had both wrestled all over the world in Japan and Mexico especially but both men were relatively unknown to the U.S. audience. These are two guys who had grown up in the wrestling industry in wrestling families and know the business inside out at a relatively young age. Could these two young le...

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ECW - Sabu v Shane Douglas v Terry Funk - ECW World Title

Posted by Kevin Kay on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, In : ECW 

MATCH : Sabu v Shane Douglas v Terry Funk


EVENT : The Day The Line Was Crossed

VENUE : ECW Arena, Philadelphia

DATE : 5th February 1994

CHAMPIONSHIP : ECW Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Three Way Dance

BACKGROUND : ECW at this point was starting to make some serious noises in the wrestling world with there new brand of Professional Wrestling which showcased hardcore matches, Lucha libre style matches as well as some Japanese wrestling style matches. In the US these...

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ECW - Barely Legal 1997 - Six Man Tag Team Match

Posted by Kevin Kay on Tuesday, May 22, 2012, In : ECW 

MATCH : Dick Togo/Taka Michinoku/Terry Boy v Gran Hamada/Great Sasuke/Yakushiji


EVENT : Barely Legal

VENUE : ECW Arena, Philadelphia

DATE : 13th April 1997

STIPULATION : Six Man Tag Match

Background : Barely Legal was the first ever ECW Pay Per View and it almost never happened due to cable companies point blank refusing to transmit a PPV from a company that was portrayed as blood thirsty and far too extreme. Eventually it was picked up and shown but at a later time t...

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