MATCH : The Funk Brothers v Public Enemy


EVENT : Heatwave 1994

VENUE : ECW Arena, Philadelphia PA

DATE : 16th July 1994


STIPULATION : Barbed Wire Ring Match

BACKGROUND : Heatwave 1994 was still quite early on in the rise of ECW and the main event featured ECW Tag Team Champions Public Enemy taking on legendary Texan brothers Terry and Dory Funk. Public Enemy had held the tag titles for about four months having defeated Tazmaniac and Kevin Sullivan on Hardcore TV but this match would be their toughest defence to date! To make the match more crazy than a usual ECW match the ring ropes had been replaced with barbed wire. Could the insane veterans from the Amarillo Ranch get the better of the young champs? And just who would survive?

MATCH REVIEW : This is pretty much a car wreck of a match! It was unlike anything the other American promotions were putting on TV at the time for obvious reasons. If you are someone who is into hardcore bloodfest matches then this is one to watch! Through the next four years ECW would gain notoriety for these kind of matches and would certainly find a niche market. This is a good battle between two teams that can take punishment as well as dish it out!