MATCH : Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero


EVENT :Hostile City Showdown

VENUE : Philadelphia, Penns

DATE : 15th April 1995



BACKGROUND : Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero had both wrestled all over the world in Japan and Mexico especially but both men were relatively unknown to the U.S. audience. These are two guys who had grown up in the wrestling industry in wrestling families and know the business inside out at a relatively young age. Could these two young legends in the making put on a great match in front of this hostile ECW crowd?



MATCH REVIEW : A match like this was quite unusual for ECW who focused heavily on gimmicks and weapons. In saying that, a lot of credit has to go to Paul Heyman and ECW for letting Guerrero and Malenko go out to the ring for 30 minutes and let them do their thing. This was an amazing match that in my opinion is one of the best in ECW history (as in top 3). We all know that these two men went on to much greater things in WCW and then WWF/E but for both men this match still remains one of their career highlights.