MATCH : Sabu v Shane Douglas v Terry Funk


EVENT : The Day The Line Was Crossed

VENUE : ECW Arena, Philadelphia

DATE : 5th February 1994

CHAMPIONSHIP : ECW Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Three Way Dance

BACKGROUND : ECW at this point was starting to make some serious noises in the wrestling world with there new brand of Professional Wrestling which showcased hardcore matches, Lucha libre style matches as well as some Japanese wrestling style matches. In the US these kind of matches were not seen regularly and ECW capitalised on that which inadvertently changed the face of Pro-Wrestling. Over the last few months all three of the men involved in this match had held the ECW World Heavyweight Title but Terry Funk was the man to walk into this one as champion. The only question was could the veteran defeat the younger Sabu and Shane Douglas and walk back out with the strap?

MATCH REVIEW : Triple threat matches were still pretty much few and far between in 1994 in the US and it was ECW's take on the match that really led WWE and WCW into trying them out. When you watch this match you can see why. A lot of great action for an hour with a mesh of different styles between the three talented wrestlers. Unfortunately, the amount of interference in the match was slightly disappointing and let the match down a bit but other than that the match will stick out as an ECW classic. These three men would continue to feud over the course of the year.