MATCH : HHH v The Rock


EVENT : Judgement Day 2000

VENUE : Louisville, Kentucky

DATE : 21st May 2000


STIPULATION : 60 Minute Iron Man Match

BACKGROUND : The Rock and HHH had been feuding since Wrestlemania a few months prior where The Rock was screwed in the main event by HHH and some of the McMahon family. The feud had been quite intense and it was decided that the best way to settle it would be a 60 minute Iron Man match with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. These two men had previously had a very good feud over the Intercontinental Title in the late 90s with some terrific matches, after a few years at the top of the card could they both produce an even better bout?...

MATCH REVIEW : I am a big fan of Iron Man matches as I think they tend to bring an added drama to a match. This isn't the best Iron Man match but it's up there as one of the best! The best thing about this match is probably that nobody really expected these two to be able to pull off a one hour classic. This match had everything from intense drama, great pace (which is the hardest thing to achieve in an iron man), fantastic interaction between The Rock and Shawn Michaels who had a history and one of the best returns in WWF history when The a Undertaker came back to a loud ovation. This match is well worth checking out and it captivates The Rock v HHH feud perfectly.