MATCH : Mankind v The Undertaker


EVENT : King of the Ring 1998

VENUE : Civic Centre, Pitsburgh, Penn

DATE : 28th June 1998

STIPULATION : Hell in a Cell Match

BACKGROUND : Mick Foley (Mankind) and The Undertaker had been feuding in the WWF since Foley's arrival in 1996. The feud would stop and start over the next few years and, after brief runs as Cactus Jack and Dude Love, Foley would return as his original WWF moniker Mankind. When the feud reached it's peak a Hell in a Cell match was announced. There had only been two previous Hell in a Cell matches so how would these two men repeat the success they had?...

MATCH REVIEW : This might not be the best Hell in a Cell match of all time but it is definitely the most remembered and most iconic. The bumps that Foley takes at the start of this match are unbelievable! An all out brawl that pretty much proves that Foley is a madman! This is famous match for obvious reasons and is one that most people revisit every so often, the site of a Foley with blood running down his mouth and one of his own teeth pierced through his nose is very memorable. Not one for the faint hearted and nothing beautiful here but nothing will come near what these two men go through in this match.