MATCH : El Gran Hamada/Gran Naniwa/Masato Yakushiji/Super Delfin/Tiger Mask IV v Kaientai DX

PROMOTION : Michinoku Pro Wrestling

EVENT : Michinoku Pro's Third Anniversary

VENUE : Tokyo, Japan

DATE : 10th October 1996

STIPULATION : 10 Man Tag Team Match

Background : Michinoku Pro Wrestling was a relatively new promotion having only been around for under three years. Michinoku Pro was very different from the other promotions in Japan as it was the first to be based outside of the capital, Tokyo but was also it had a very Lucha Libre predominant style. The popular heel stable called Kaientai Deluxe consisted of Dick Togo, Mens Teioh, Shiryu, Schoichi Funaki and Taka Michinoku and their opponents were five of the best homegrown babyfaces in Michinoku Pro led by the legendary El Gran Hamada. This match took ten of the best high-flying experts that were in the based in the Japanese Independent Wrestling scene at this time so could they put on an entertaining match here?

MATCH REVIEW : This match showcased what would eventually be classed as Lucharesu, a style that mixes Mexican Lucha Libre and Japanese Puroresu. It was from the likes of this match and promotion that helped the ultra popular Dragon Gate become what it is today. As I mentioned in last weeks induction (Benoit v Malenko), the more familiar opponents are with each other then the better the match they have and these ten men were very familiar. This match had a lot of high risk manuevers including Taka's moonsault into the crowd 30 minutes into the video. It was absolutely no surprise to anyone that four of the men from the Kaientai Deluxe stable were asked to come over to the WWF to spearhead their new Light Heavyweight division. This was a phenomenal match between ten men with a great future in the wrestling business.