MATCH : Junkyard Dog/Mr Olympia v Matt Borne/Ted Dibiase

PROMOTION : Mid-South Wrestling

EVENT : TV Event October 1982

VENUE : Sam Houston Coliseum

DATE : October 1982

CHAMPIONSHIP : North American & Mid-South Tag Team Championships


BACKGROUND : Mid-South Wrestling was the birthplace of some of the greatest legends in the business. This match was in the midst of one of Mid-South's greatest feuds of all time, Ted Dibiase v Junkyard Dog. These two had been involved in a bitter rivalry since Dibiase turned on JYD to form a heel stable called The Rat Pack with Matt Borne and Jim Duggan. On this occasion the Mid South Tag Team champions JYD & Mr Olympia would face Rat Pack members Dibiase and Borne in a No DQ match for the straps. So could this feud be settled once and for all?...


MATCH REVIEW : This is a very lively match that focuses mainly on JYD's troubles with Dibiase and his Rat Pack stable. The memorable ending with Duggan in a monkey costume is one of the most iconic moments in Mid-South history. The heels are booed out of the building when they win the titles and to be fair the fans have a huge part to play in this match as they never let up for a minute! As we all know it wouldn't take long before JYD and Dibiase were earning big money in New York with WWF where they would eventually become legends of wrestling. Matt Borne would also follow in about ten years time as the Doink the Clown character. This is a solid tag team match that is very much worth a watch as it highlights the quality that Mid-South Wrestling possessed in the 80's.