MATCH : Andre the Giant v Antonio Inoki


EVENT : Nagoya Live Event

VENUE : Nagoya, Japan

DATE : 2nd June 1977


BACKGROUND : Andre the Giant was still young and a lot more mobile at this point so a match against Japanese legend Antonio Inoki seemed like a dream bout for New Japan. Andre had wrestled a lot in Japan and was as much of a spectacle in Asia as he was in North America. Antonio Inoki on the other hand was a Japanese legend and founder of New Japan Pro Wrestling so which of these two big stars would come out on top?

MATCH REVIEW : This is one of the best Andre the Giant matches and one I like to show people to prove that he could hold his own in the ring. This really was a clash of two huge stars and you can feel that with the crowd reaction to both the legendary Inoki and much loved Andre. A clash of different styles suited this match well with Inoki preferring submission and Andre using his brute force, a great David v Goliath clash with Inoki doing everything in his power to try and overcome the giant.