MATCH : Kurt Angle v Rob Van Dam v Steve Austin


EVENT : No Mercy 2001

VENUE : St. Louis, Missouri

DATE : 21st October 2001


STIPULATION : Triple Threat Match

BACKGROUND : Steve Austin defending the WWF World Title in a triple threat match against Kurt Angle and Rob van Dam was the main event of No Mercy 2001 which was right in the midst of the famous Invasion angle. At the time of the match both Steve Austin and RVD were representing the WCW/ECW Alliance whilst Angle was still representing WWF but rumours had swirling around all day that either Austin or RVD could switch allegiances. Austin hadn't been champ long as he had only recently beaten Angle on an episode of Raw but that had a screwy finish so could Austin somehow manage to keep hold of the title against all odds?...

MATCH REVIEW : This is a hidden gem of a match that a lot of people forget about. A great triple threat match with Austin in top form throughout. The psychology of this match is unreal with Austin involved in everything throughout just to make sure he doesn't lose the title without being pinned himself! This is as much of an adrenaline fuelled 15 minutes as you are gonna get from a wrestling match and all three men have to be given credit. 2001 was a very good year for WWE in the ring with a lot of great talent but unfortunately the Alliance/invasion angle will always be remembered for 'what could of been' rather than matches like this one.