MATCH : Jun Akiyama/Yugi Nagata v Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa


EVENT : Navigate for Evolution Day 10

VENUE : Budokan Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 17th February 2002

BACKGROUND : This match marked the return of one of Japan's greatest wrestlers Kenta Kobashi who had been really struggling with knee problems for the last few years. Kobashi would team up with the man whom he had faced and partnered many times in his long successful career, Mitsuharu Misawa. They would be up against current GHC Heavyweight Champion Jun Akiyama and New Japan's Yugi Nagata who had previously wrestled at WCW.

MATCH REVIEW : This was an incredibly fun match and a great way to showcase the talent that NOAH possessed at this time. The crowd goes absolutely nuts after a few minutes when Kobashi and Akiyama first strike blows and they never quieten throughout which adds to the performances all four men gave. A great match which peaks in the battle between Akiyama & Kobashi but is very much worth the watch. Unfortunately Kobashi would continue to harbour knee problems after this match and would need to take another 6 months out before going after the GHC Hesvyweight Title.