MATCH : Jushin Liger/Takehiro Murahama v KENTA/Naomichi Marufuji


EVENT : Accomplish Our Third Navaigation

VENUE : Osaka, Japan

DATE : 16th July 2003

CHAMPIONSHIP : GHC Junior Tag Team Titles

BACKGROUND : Pro Wrestling NOAH decided to create a tournament to crown the very first holders of the new GHC Junior Tag Team Titles and this match was the final. On one side you had Jushin Liger and Takehiro Murahama which was a sort of veteran/rookie blend with Liger having a long 16 year career whilst Murahama had only been wrestling professionally less than four years since leaving the world of Martial Arts. On the other side were two of the best talents currently working in Japan in KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji, both men destined for greatness in this country. So could the talented youngsters upset the veteran and the former kick boxer?...

MATCH REVIEW : What better way to kick off a brand new Championship than by having a brilliant tag match with loads of dramatic near falls that leaves you watching at the edge of your seat. This was a fantastic spectacle as well as a great match technically with KENTA selling like a pro. Marufuji and Liger had a great battle throughout which has a sense of Past v Future feel to it. I really enjoyed this match and was proven to me why KENTA and Marafuji went so far in their careers.