MATCH : Go Shiozaki/KENTA v Katsuhiko Nakajima/Kensuke Sasaki

PROMOTION : Pro Wrestling NOAH

EVENT : Southern Navigation Day 11

VENUE : Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

DATE : 22nd June, 2009

Background : Going into this match KENTA had been having some excellent matches with Katsuhiko Nakajima for the coveted and much talked about GHC Junior Heavyweight Title. In this match though Nakajima would be teaming up with a veteran of the squared circle, Kensuke Sasaki. Sasaki would be and still is one of the very few men to have lifted all three of Japan's greatest honours in wrestling (IWGP Title, Triple Crown and GHC Heavyweight Title). On the other side KENTA would not be teaming with a veteran but instead a young man with only four years experience in the business. Go Shiozaki may have lacked the ring knowledge but what he lacked he made up for in grit and determenation and this was the reason he was beginning to make a name for himself in Japan. so who would be succesful, KENTA and the young lion or Nakajima and the proud veteran?

MATCH REVIEW : This main event was spectacular to say the least, it really delievered to everyone's expectations. The match itself was built around the hard hitting and brutal exchanges that the two teams would strike upon each other. The interaction during the match between the feuding pair of KENTA and Nakajima was every bit as good as the incredible singles matches that they had been having over the last six months or so. On of the major aspects of this match was the crazy crowd that really responded well to everything and was red hot from the start of the entrances right throught to the final bell. These four wrestlers gave all they had to put on an absolute classic match for Pro Wrestling NOAH.