MATCH : KENTA/Naomichi Marufuji v Ricky Marvin/SUWA


EVENT : Navigation Against the Current 2004

VENUE : Yoyogi National Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

DATE : 22nd October 2004

CHAMPIONSHIP : GHC Junior Tag Team Titles

BACKGROUND : As with last weeks induction this week consists of a GHC Junior Tag Team Title match featuring Naomichi Marufuji and KENTA. A year on and they are up against different opposition in SUWA and Ricky Marvin. SUWA was one of Ultimo Dragon's first trainees and had been working in Japan for about seven years with moderate success whilst Ricky Marvin was a young Mexican just starting to make his name in Japan in 2004 and both men were hoping to make a name for themselves by knocking the champs off their perch and gaining Tag Team gold. So could KENTA and Marufuji be defeated after 16 months of straight success?...

MATCH REVIEW : This is a very good and fun match to watch. It has some very notable spots with some good wrestling and a nice flow to it. All four men put on a great showing although SUWA and Marvin just fell short of causing the upset. NOAH at the time were really starting to make waves internationally and it was matches like these that helped them become more successful. Another great tag match featuring KENTA and Marufuji...