MATCH : Argentina Rocca v Lou Thesz


EVENT : Live Event

VENUE : Buffalo, New York

DATE : 10th May 1963

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : In 1963, Thesz defeated Buddy Rogers for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship causing a lot of controversy in the North East of America. This led to the North East breaking away from the NWA and starting the soon to be pivotal WWWF. With Thesz on top of the NWA and now on his fifth run as World Champ another legend in Argentina Rocca would be his major threat. Matches between these two legends could sell out anywhere in the country so it's no surprise that a rowdy Buffalo crowd was on hand to see a battle that could see Rocca lift his first ever NWA World Title?

MATCH REVIEW : This is the oldest match so far to be inducted into the Wrestling Match Hall of Fame but it is a great match that highlights a different era. Lou Thesz is an absolute legend and if you have seen little of his work then I recommend you go on YouTube and enjoy! This was a good match without all the razzmatazz of 'Sports Entertainment' but with great mat/shooter style wrestling. Thesz would hold onto the belt for another few years before dropping it to Gene Kiniski at the start of 1966.