MATCH : Barry Windham v Ric Flair


EVENT : Crockett Cup '87

VENUE : Baltimore, Maryland

DATE : 11th April 1987

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : Barry Windham had only just left the WWF due to a difference in opinion on where his role was within the company and he was majorly tempted at the shot that the NWA were offering him at the top of the card. In 1987, Flair was the biggest heel in the wrestling industry and he needed someone to be able to compete in main events against him. That man would be Barry Windham. So could the young Windham do the unthinkable and beat The Nature Boy for the NWA World Heavyweight Title?

MATCH REVIEW : Another terrific Flair match from the 80's pretty much sums up why he is probably the most respected person in the whole of the wrestling business today. You can see from the heat off the crowd that they all really believed that Windham could cause an upset in this match and walk away with the big Gold belt. Throughout the rest of 1987 these two would contest numerous 60 minute time limit draws all over the country where Flair was a total heat magnet! The twist in the tale though is that in 1988, Windham would begin teaming with Flair, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson in the now infamous Four Horseman stable. A terrific match that the NWA and Ric Flair were not shy from in the 1980's.