MATCH : Ric Flair v Sting


EVENT : Clash of the Champions

VENUE : Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina

DATE : 27/03/1988

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

Background : This match was built around the fact that Sting was a young up and comer going toe-to-toe with the legendary Ric Flair for the title. Sting had only made his Pay-Per-View debut a few months prior and was beginning to gain a good support. It was clear at this point that the NWA had Sting in mind when looking for wrestlers that would be taking them into the next decade and had decided to test him in this match with Flair. the Four Horseman's manager, JJ Dillon, had been sticking his nose in matches all night so a decision was made to have Dillon locked in a cage while this match was going on. This match also had a 45 minute time limit but in case it did go the full 45 minutes we were treated to celebrity judges who didn't know a single thing about Pro-Wrestling. This match was also going to be up against the WWF Wrestlemania IV main event which was also on TV that night so it had to really live up to something.

MATCH REVIEW : An absolute classic match with such great chemistry and excellent pacing between two wrestlers who have worked so well together over the years. What this match did for Sting was solidly put him up there as one of the main event performers in the NWA. Ric Flair was phenomenal in this match and played the part in making Sting look like a real threat without letting himself look bad. This would be a usual Ric Flair performance back in the late 80's as nobody in the business at that time was better. The only real problem I have with this match was why they had celebrity judges at ringside? It was just a way of showcasing celebrities rather than the talent they had in the ring which is disappointing. What this match done was out class anything that the WWF had on at Wrestlemania IV that whole night and proved that they could still swing with the threat of Vince McMahon. Unfortunately, Ric Flair v Sting was a main event on TNA Wrestling just a few months ago (In 2011) and because Flair is 62 and Sting is 52 this should not be happening. If any young fans have the chance I hope they watch matches like this one I have highlighted to show that there was a time when these men could really hang in the ring!!