MATCH : Dusty Rhodes/Nikita Koloff v Lex Luger/Tully Blanchard


EVENT :Crockett Cup 1987

VENUE : Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

DATE : 11th April 1987


BACKGROUND : In the mid to late 80's the NWA would hold a tag team tournament they called the Crockett Cup. The winners of the tournament would share a $1 million prize so it was built as a big deal. In 1987 the final came down to Lex Luger and Tully Blanchard against the team of Dusty Rhodes and Nikita Koloff. Luger and Blanchard had defeated the MOD Squad, the Armstrongs and the Japanese team of Giant Baba and Isao Takagi. Whilst Rhodes and Koloff who were nicknamed The Super Powers had defeated The Barbarian and Bill Dundee, Manny Fernandez and Rick Rude and the Midnight Express to reach the finals. 



MATCH REVIEW : This was a top tag team tournament with some of the best tag teams from the 80's involved and some great matches. The final focused on Nikita Koloff's neck injury and whether the Super Powers could pull of a win against the Horsemen stable mates. The crowd are red hot for Dusty and Nikita and pop loud when they finally get the win. This match is quite predictable as an outcome but that doesn't stop it being a great tag team match and one that I highly recommend. It's more than coincidence that I am writing about Dusty Rhodes just days after his passing. Dusty was a legend in this business and although his legacy will always be around for all to see, his great wrestling mind will be sorely missed throughout the industry. RIP Dusty Rhodes.