MATCH : Midnight Express v Road Warriors


EVENT : Jim Crockett Snr. Memorial Cup

VENUE : Baltimore Arena, Maryland

DATE : 11th April 1987

BACKGROUND : When you ask any wrestling fan to name the best tag teams of the 1980's or all time there wouldn't be many that would leave either The Midnight Express or the Road Warriors off the list. This match was a quarter final of the annual Crockett Cup which was a tournament specifically for tag team wrestling with a $1 million prize for the winner. The Road Warriors were the winners in 1986 and would be the favourites to win again this year. The Midnight Express combination of Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane had only started working together over the last few weeks as Eaton's longtime partner Dennis Condrey had left Jim Crockett Promotions very suddenly. So could the new team of Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan gel in time for a match against the Road Warriors?

MATCH REVIEW : Although the ending wasn't to the fans taste in attendance, the match in General was a great example of how to build heat and work a great match in a short period of time. This match would carry the Midnight Express/Road Warriors feud into the next six months or so. A lot has to be said for Jim Cornette who is one of the best managers of all time and a heat magnet heel who the fans loved to boo! This was a wonderful time for tag team wrestling both in the NWA and WWF with most of the best tag teams of all time competing in this era and this match was just a small example of that.