MATCH : Ric Flair v Terry Funk


EVENT : Great American Bash 1989

VENUE : Baltimore Arena, Maryland

DATE : 23rd July 1989

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : After one of the greatest matches ever between Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat at WretleWar, Flair was interviewed by Jim Ross. During the interview Terry Funk interrupted to congratulate Flair on his success and to challenge him to a match for his World Heavyweight Title. Flair was quick to throw out the challenge as Funk was not considered a worthy contender, so Funk brutally attacked him including piledriving his neck through a table. Flair would be sidelined for a while but upon his return he requested that NWA Vice President Jim Herd allow him to face Funk at Great American Bash. The match was set so could the unpredictable Funk manage to defeat fan favourite Flair and become new champ?

MATCH REVIEW : The build up to this match made it so intense that this was one hell of a brawl. A great set up which delivered the fans, who were notoriously against Flair in his last feud, to cheer him to victory in this one. The storylines of the match focused on Funks unpredictable loose cannon style and his brutal attack of Flair's neck throughout the match. This was a great match with wicked psychology in an era where NWA couldn't fail. It must be once again noted that Jim Ross was fantastic on commentary and that over all this PPV is one of the best in American Wrestling history.