MATCH : Midnight Express v The Southern Boys


EVENT : Great American Bash 1990

VENUE : Baltimore Arena, Maryland

DATE : 7th July 1990


BACKGROUND : The Southern Boys were a team made up of Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong and were best known for their feud with the Fabulous Freebirds. Midnight Express were in their third reign as US Tag Title champions having defeated Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk recently. Midnight Express had faced some of the best tag teams to ever compete in the business, so could they defeat the relatively new Southern Boys?

MATCH REVIEW : This match really is a tag team masterclass from both teams. It is no wonder that Jim Cornette called this one of the best Midnight Express matches of all time (and that is no mean feat). The ironic thing is that this match was probably the last great Midnight Express match as they split up just a few months later, leaving a huge gap in tag team wrestling. The match itself is very entertaining with Smothers playing the beaten babyface to perfection drawing great heel heat to the Midnights and Jim Cornette. A magnificent match that has the whole Baltimore crowd thoroughly invested and leaves them breathless at the finish. A must watch match for any fan of tag team wrestling, a great outing for the Express but also a coming of age of sorts for the Southern Boys.