MATCH : Ric Flair v Ricky Steamboat


EVENT : WrestleWar '89

VENUE : Nashville, Tennessee

DATE : 7th May 1989

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : In the late 80's Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat had what many believe to be the greatest series of matches in the entire history of Pro Wrestling. Steamboat won the first match of the series by pinning Flair at the Chi-Town Rumble to lift the NWA World Title. Steamboat would continue his winning ways by successfully defending the Title in an awesome 2/3 falls match that lasted over 55 minutes. This match would complete the trilogy, so could it match up with the first two or could these men even surpass themselves?

MATCH REVIEW : The fact that Ricky Steamboat himself claims this match to be his career best pretty much speaks for itself. I personally love all three matches in the Flair-Steamboat 89 series and feel that they may never be topped as a feud. Both men delivered a series of great matches without any need for silly gimmicks or angles, was all built through hard work and the determination to be the best. After the match finishes I also believe it was the perfect set-up for a completely different feud between Flair and Terry Funk who took great pleasure in drilling the new champ head first into a table with a vicious pile driver! Great build up, great match, great finish and great follow on so massive thumbs up!