MATCH : Ric Flair v Terry Funk


EVENT : Clash of the Champions 9

VENUE : Houston Field House, New York

DATE : 15th November 1989

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title


BACKGROUND : This match was a culmination of a great feud that begun when Ric Flair was attacked by Terry Funk following his succesful win over Ricky Steamboat at WrestleWar 1989. Funk had felt that he should have been next in line for a title shot but Flair believed that there was younger and hungrier talent more deserving of a shot on the roster. To persuade Flair that he was the top contender, Funk took matters into his own hands by violentily attacking Flair and piledriving him ontop of a ringside table. To settle this feud, the match was given 'I Quit' rules which the Funk family had made famous and had been synonomous with over the years. So could the champ overcome the odds and make the crazy Terry Funk say the words 'I Quit'?

MATCH REVIEW : What an absolute classic match! The fact that the crowd were red hot from start to finish adds to the excellent build up this match was given. These two brawl with real venom and anger to the point that the fans believe there was a real hatred between the two men. The story throughout the match is that neither man could make the other say the precious words but with Terry Funk delivering numerous piledrivers to the weakened neck of Ric Flair it looked likely we would be getting a new champion. The comeback of Flair though is some of the best story telling that wrestling really has to offer and highlights the heroic battles that the NWA showcased in the 80's. The emotional end to the match was an excellent finish with Funk showing the height of respect by shaking the hand of the champ and declaring him 'A helluva guy!' This is a great brawl and one of the best pure battles in wrestling history.