MATCH : Greg Valentine v Roddy Piper


EVENT : StarrCade 1983

VENUE : Greensboro Coliseum, North Carolina

DATE : 24th November 1983

STIPULATION : Dog Collar Match

BACKGROUND : Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine are two of only three people that wrestled at both the very first Starrcade and the first Wrestlemania. The only other person being Ricky Steamboat! Six months prior to this match Valentine had severely damaged Piper's ear with a ring bell that caused the Scot to lose 75% of his hearing in that ear. When Piper returned a Dog Collar match was made where both men would be joined together by a long chain and dog collars round their necks. This kind of match is known as one of the most brutal and dangerous kind of matches in the wrestling business so how would both men react? Valentine's US Championship was not on the line for this match.

MATCH REVIEW : This was an all out brawl that really focused on Piper's ear and the psychology of him losing his equilibrium but still carrying on to defeat Valentine. This was as bloody and brutal a brawl that I had seen up to the point of when I first saw this and it sticks in my memory to this day. Eventually Piper lost complete hearing in one of his ears due to this feud which is some cost to pay! This is a great match and a superb feud that will last the ages even if the finish is somewhat anti-climatic. Nonetheless a great match for the first ever Starrcade!