MATCH : Dangerous Alliance v Sting's Squadron


EVENT : WrestleWar '92

VENUE : Jacksonville, Florida

DATE : 17th May 1992

STIPULATION : War Games Match

BACKGROUND : The War Games match was a fairly simple concept but I will explain quickly for those who hadn't seen one before. The match would involve two rings placed together with a cage surrounding the outside. The two teams of 5 wrestlers would nominate a man each to start the match, then a coin toss would determine which team could add an extra member into the match. Then every two minutes another man would enter which meant that until all ten men were in the ring one team would consistently have a one man advantage. Once all men have entered then the winner is the team who can make one of the opposing team members to submit or surrender. The Dangerous Alliance (Steve Austin, Rick Rude, Arn Anderson, Larry Zybsko & Bobby Eaton) led by Paul E Dangerously (Paul Heyman) had been causing all kinds of trouble in WCW in 1992 and had been fairly successful by holding the tag titles and the TV title within the stable. All five men from Sting's Squadron (Sting, Dustin Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Ricky Steamboat & Barry Windham) had been having problems with the alliance recently and now it was put up or shut up time for one team!

MATCH REVIEW : I will start with the only negative from this match and that is that the heel team always win the coin toss in the WarGames match which makes it slightly predictable. Now that's out the way...the positive is that this is a very entertaining battle! Storyline wise, this is my favourite War Games match which were often the most fun type of multi-man matches. The drive behind the brawl is seeing Sting's Squadron trying to gain their revenge on the antagonist team led by their evil manager. Although the heel team did win the coin toss, the momentum swings came at the right times and made you believe that either team could go on to win. A perfect battle between ten men that were very important to WCW in 1992.