I felt like I needed to write a tribute to 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper this week after his sad passing at the weekend. The best way for me to pay tribute to Roddy I feel is to add his Piper's Pit talk segment into the Wrestling Match Hall of Fame. 

I grew up with Roddy Piper and as a Scotsman I could relate to his bagpipes and kilt! Even when he was a heel, I couldn't help but cheer his name. As a child the match between Piper and Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 8 was one of my favourite matches and I even got to meet him in my home city of Edinburgh where I had to queue for ages just to catch a glimpse. I had his action figure, trading cards, DVD and even had The Green Hills of Tyrol requested to be played at my wedding. RIP Hot Rod, my childhood hero!

The Pipers Pit segments were started as a way for Roddy Piper to be introduced to the WWF audience when he first arrived from the NWA. Piper was injured when he first joined WWF and couldn't wrestle so a talk show segment was the next best thing to keep him relevant on TV. The Pipers Pit had some very memorable moments and these are my favourites

• Roddy Piper humiliates Frank Williams and delivers famous catchphrase for first time.

• Roddy Piper introduces Hillbilly Jim to the WWF and attempts to become his manager.

• Roddy Piper hits Jimmy Snuka with a coconut.

• Roddy Piper plays host to Andre v Hogan feud set up.

• Roddy Piper insults Bruno Sammartino
• Roddy Piper meets 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin 

The Piper's Pit segments had loads of great moments which set up so many memorable matches but it also paved the way for other talk show segments in the WWF/E like Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, Miz's Miz TV, Brutus' Barbershop and Jake Roberts' Snake Pit amongst others. None have come close to being as great as Roddy Piper's Pit though!