MATCH : John Cena v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Monday Night Raw

VENUE : Earls Court Arena, London, UK

DATE : 23rd April 2007

BACKGROUND : As I write this, Monday Night Raw has reached the 1,000 episode mark and over the years there have been some great matches and moments on the show. No Raw match has been better though than the one between John Cena and Shawn Michaels in April 2007. These two men had recently been WWE Tag Team champions when they defeated Team RKO (Randy Orton & Edge) but the dissension was there and they tried to settle things at Wrestlemania 23 with a great match for the WWE World Title. John Cena would win that match but the feud would not be over, so the week before both men were to be involved in a Fatal Four Way match at Backlash with Edge and Randy Orton, Cena and Michaels would square off in London! So run the classic....

MATCH REVIEW : No wrestling fan ever thought they would see a 57 minute match on Monday Night Raw but that is exactly what they got when they tuned in on 23rd April 2007. Not just a 57 minute match but a 57 minute classic!!! This is the best match in the history of Raw with some great edge of the seat entertainment that had near fall after near fall. It was also good to see Shawn Michaels get the victory in the end which set up nicely for the upcoming PPV to prove that John Cena wasn't unbeatable and that Michaels could once again win the WWE World Title at Backlash. But that is exactly what Monday Night Raw is best at....setting up PPV matches and delivering great moments in wrestling history! Even though Raw has ran for 1000 episodes and almost 20 years, this match tops all for me and for it to be in my native UK makes it all the better.